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As a cyber security professional, the concept of Zero Trust entices us : the right access is provided to the right users at the right time. However journey to achieve the zero trust is not straight forward. We need to answer few questions. Do I need to acquire new tool, or do I need to re-design the current security architecture? Can I achieve the Zero Trust reusing my current security architecture?

We are here to assist you , Our free no-obligation assessment will asses the maturity of your organization is on the path to zero trust. We will provide a zero trust maturity report and recommendations to finish the zero trust journey with limited resources.

Zero Trust

The Zero Trust Security approach ensures the right people have the right level of access, to the right resources, in the right context, and that access is assessed continuously — all without adding friction for the user.

Thus, the initial step in your Zero Trust strategy should be focused on:

  • Granting access by verifying who is requesting access

  • Understanding the context of the request

  • Determining the risk of the access environment

This never trust, always verify, enforce least privilege approach provides the greatest security for organizations. It adapts to the complexity of the modern environment, embraces the mobile workforce and protects people, devices, applications and data wherever they are.

A zero-trust approach doesn’t require a complete reinvention of your infrastructure. The most successful solutions starts with Access. People, Processes, Devices that Access your systems and and the access controls for those entities. This is where Identity comes in , making it the Foundational Technology on your path to Zero Trust Security.

Why Zero Trust Assessment ?

Different organizational requirements, existing technology implementations and security stages all affect how a Zero Trust security model implementation is planned and executed.

The Zero Trust Assessment tool will help you determine where you are in your journey across Zero Trust Maturity Model shown alongside. The assessment will provide where you are , where do you want to go & Gap Analysis with Personalized recommendations on how to progress to the next stage.

Free Online Assessment Based on Industry Framework & Architecture

Assessment covering all major domains E.g Access Management , PAM, Identity Governance , Data Access Governance etc.

Gap Analysis with Personalized Recommendations, which would be virtually presented by team of experts after Analysis – 1 Week after filling in the Online Assessment.

Free Half a Day Zero Trust Workshop for Deep Dive Analysis with relevant stake holders , after the initial Assessment discussion

Click here to take our Zero Trust Assessment Based on NIST Framework & Architecture with no-obligation




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